Walking Dead Attractions

The Walking Dead Maze at Universal Studios Hollywood

             I love this Walking Dead attraction! I have been through this maze 2 times before. The first time was at Horror nights in 2017 and the second was at Horror Nights in 2018. I absolutely love the features in this maze from Season 1– it really has the feel of being in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, there’s the Bicycle lady, and they have the doors from the hospital where Rick woke up saying: “DON’T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE”.

             Ever since Season 2 aired, I have been addicted to the show. My ex-boyfriend, Jimmy, got me into the show when we first started dating. The first time I saw it was at Jimmy’s friend’s house in Anaheim, California, and from then on, I was hooked. Every Sunday night was all about The Walking Dead. I immediately found the first season on Netflix– I had to order the DVDs and get them mailed to me. As soon as I got them, I binge watched every episode in that season back to back and was thirsty for more.

           Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood has a series of haunted mazes for Halloween, and one year the theme was The Walking Dead. They had the Terror Tram and a maze, where there were Zombies with face molds from actual zombies that were filmed on The Walking Dead. This was the first Walking Dead attraction I’ve been to, and I had to go see more attractions!

Universal Studios Hollywood. The Walking Dead Maze. October 2017
The Walking Dead Maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. September 2018
The Walking Dead Maze Entrance at Universal Studios Hollywood. September 2018

Fear the Walking Dead Attraction at Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada

             After visiting Universal and loving The Walking Dead attraction there, I was super excited to visit the maze on Fremont street for Fear the Walking Dead. My mom has a house in Henderson, Nevada, so I went to visit her and connect with a few friends I made when I lived in Vegas. I went with a friend when they first opened– I believe it was one weekend after the grand opening– tickets were only $26!

           While waiting to get into the maze there was an actor dressed up like he was in the Military. He warned us about this virus, which was very entertaining.

Fear The Walking Dead Freemont Experience. Las Vegas, Nevada. September 1st 2017
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