My Cabo San Lucas Birthday Trip

                 For my 27th birthday, I decided to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to put my new passport to use! I had been to Mexico once before on a mission trip with my high school youth group, so I was excited to go again. My best friend Dan came along for the trip– we always have so much fun traveling together. Dan lived right across the street from me at the time, so getting to the airport with him was a breeze. We took an Uber in the morning to the Long Beach Airport and then had a connecting flight in Arizona. This was my first time booking the flights on my own and flying internationally.

               When Dan and I landed in Mexico, we took a shuttle that I booked on The shuttle brought us to Rui Palace Cabo, which is an all-inclusive resort that my father recommended for our stay. The lobby was grand and so beautiful. There were even men in the entrance that came and greeted us with the most delicious margaritas. Checking into the hotel room was super easy too. The hotel room was clean, decent, and we had a beautiful view overlooking the ocean and the pools.

Dan and I at Squid Roe in Cabo, Mexico

            We immediately grabbed a drink from the free bar in the room and went down to the pool. The resort had so many pools and a couple swim-up bars. We found a spot we liked and started ordering Pina Coladas– a drink fitted for paradise. For a few hours we hung out by the pool, and then we met a group of guys from Los Angeles, California, which is only 60 miles from where we lived at the time. The guys invited us to go out to Squid Roe that night. So Dan and I quickly got ready, and took a cab with the guys to Squid Roe. The hotel counted us when we left– I felt very safe staying there.

            Squid Roe was so much fun! They play a lot of Hip Hop, Rap, and EDM music. The waitresses brought us jello shots for $3 a piece– we danced on the tables and loved every second! Squid Roe is definitely a spot you need to check out if you go to Cabo and love an exciting night life. The boys and I all got back safely to the hotel, and when we arrived, the gate guard counted us and checked all of our hotel wrist bands.

Squid Roe in Cabo, Mexico

             When the next day rolled around, we woke up and got breakfast at one of the hotel’s all you can eat buffet’s. The buffet was great and I couldn’t believe that it was included in our stay. They had fresh squeezed juices, an arrangement of fruits, an omelette station, and so many other breakfast stations. After we ate, we went back to the hotel room put on our sunblock, and got ready for the pool. When we got to the pool, we went to the bar and ordered drinks, as usual. We tried a drink called “Dirty Monkeys,” which is a banana chocolatey alcoholic frozen beverage that is so delicious. As we were trying to pick a spot to lay out, we ran into the friends we met the day before. We ended up hanging out with them everyday of the vacation. We went to dinner together, went out at night together, and hung out by the pool all day. It was great meeting people that we could spend the trip with and that lived not too far away.  

            Most every day we pretty much did the same thing– just lounged by the pool. One of the days Dan and I decided to do something touristy, so we went to the Arches of Cabo. The Arches is a well know rock formation in the bay of Cabo, Mexico. At the resort they had an area where you can plan activities, and taking a tinder boat to the Arches was one of the options. It was only $20 per person to go to the Arches, and I thought that was quite a steal! Especially when compared to excursions in Hawaii and the Bahamas, Mexico is very affordable. Dan and I booked the activity, and we were ready for this adventure. A shuttle came to pick us up at the hotel, along with a few other people, and took us to the bay to get on the boat.

The Arches. Cabo, Mexico

               All ten of us got on the boat and we were on our way. On the boat we traveled around the bay for thirty minutes and saw all the beautiful scenery, hotels, and sting rays jumping out of the water. The boat had a glass bottom, so we could see all the fish down below. It was incredible. The boat was cute, but small, so if you easily get seasick make sure to take something before, and definitely don’t go to this hungover. The captain dropped us off at the island, and we explored Lovers Beach for a half hour. The Arches were so beautiful! I would absolutely recommend doing this activity if you go to Cabo. The captain came back, picked us up, and then we took the shuttle back to the hotel.


                  The trip soon came to an end, and this was one trip I wasn’t ready to go home from. I didn’t want to leave paradise. The guys met Dan and I in the lobby to say goodbye– our flights were around the same time and we were leaving on the same day. Surprisingly, all of us got to the airport at the same time, even though they left after us, and we had a last meal together at the airport. Saying goodbye to the guys was hard because we had such a great time with them, but they live close.

Lovers Beach, Cabo

                 When I got back to California I slept for the rest of the day because I was so exhausted from the trip home. I still wished I was back in Mexico hanging by the pool with the boys, but I had to get back to reality. Cabo was one of my favorite non-family trips that I have taken so far. I wouldn’t change anything about the trip. And the guys and I continue to be friends after Cabo.

If anyone is looking for a good all-inclusive trip to Cabo, I booked ours on Expedia and attached a link to the hotel that I booked below. 

If you ever go to Cabo, make sure to enjoy yourself! Life is too short and needs to be lived to the fullest. 

xoxo Terra Newell

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