Meet Maggie!

Meet Maggie (aka Maggie Greene Newell), the newest addition to mine and Cash’s little family. She is named Maggie after one of my favorite characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The rescue told me Maggie’s breed is a Border Collie mix, which is one of my favorite breeds. I adopted her at 9 weeks old on February 23rd, 2019. It was a tiring process, but one of the best days I have had!

A week into February, my sister and I were looking on, she told me she wanted to get a Cattle Dog. Naturally, I went searching in order to find her a perfect match. For awhile, I had also been toiling with the idea of adding a puppy into my life, so I also searched breeds that I would also be interested in. Getting distracted with all the beautiful heading puppies, I started to wonder if it was the right time in my life to get another dog.

About a year ago, I was living with my mom in Orange County, California. At the time, she was spending a majority of her time in Las Vegas, Nevada and we thought it would be great to share custody of Cavalier King Charles puppy. We had a Cavalier King Charles in the past and really wanted another one that looked similar to her. We ended up getting the puppy and she ended up being a better fit for my mom’s life. My mom’s dog and the puppy became best friends and it seemed easier to have them both in Vegas full time.

Since my mom ended up caring for our Cavalier King Charles full time, I tried to convince myself that Cash might benefit from being on his own and having all of my attention. On the other hand, I figured he has always been around other dogs and might enjoy having some company again. This idea prompted me to contact the Australian Shepherd Rescue of San Diego about some puppies I saw on Petfinder. I have been following this rescue on Facebook for some time, so I was excited to begin the process with them in finding a puppy.

Getting a puppy can be quite a process! In order to be invited to the puppy events at the SD Aussie rescue, I had to fill out a questionnaire and send in photos of my place in order to be invited to the puppy event they were hosting. After they approved me with the application process, I was able to go to the event. The rescue also sent me a lot of links that I needed to check out before adopting a puppy. I thought the links were very helpful and informative for the most part! There were a few exceptions, as I did not necessarily agree with some of the information (e.g., providing puppies with rawhide). Personally, I think puppies should not be given rawhide, as it can be very dangerous for their digestive system. I found the link that provided the list of toxic plants for puppies most helpful! I have always tried my best to stay aware of toxic items that can be detrimental to my pets health.

Below I have attached the links the rescue sent me……

If you have an Aussie, this link is important…..

I was excited and nervous to go see the puppies because adopting a puppy is a big decision! The life expectancy for Maggie’s breed is around 10 to 17 years, so she will be in my life for some time. No matter where life takes me, I am happy to have Cash and now Maggie by my side! Adopting a puppy is huge responsibility and commitment that I do not take lightly. When I worked at the pet store, I would see so many people impulsively buy a puppy and return within a week because they weren’t prepared. Witnessing people do that made me sad and taught me the importance of closely evaluating whether it is the right time to adopt a pet.

I drove from Long Beach to San Diego on the day of the puppy party. I brought a friend with me to the puppy party along with Cash. It was very important to me that Cash join me, so that we could all see how he and the puppy got along.

The puppy party took place in San Diego, California. The puppies were all in play pens and there were more than a few litters for adoption. Maggie was part of one of the litters that got rescued from a property in Riverside, California. The owners of the property were breeding the dogs and taking the puppies to the local swap meets to be sold. Unfortunately, the adults were unable to get rescued because they were very aggressive.

Luckily, all of the puppies were perfect and available for adoption. The rescue asked me to pick out one of the puppies I thought I might be interested in. In order to make sure that there was still a puppy available for myself, I went ahead and placed a hold on the puppy named “Vega”. I was so happy they made me do that because when I located “Vega”, she was being held by another person interested in adopting her. I immediately snatched her from the girl then proceeded to mention I would most likely be bringing her home.

The puppy and I found an empty play pen to hang out in while my friend walked around with Cash, so he wouldn’t see me loving on the puppy and get jealous. We bonded instantly! I started filling out the adoption paperwork, so I could take her home as soon as possible. In order to adopt the puppy, there were a few guidelines. First and foremost, the rescue has the right to take the dog from me if they feel that I am an unsuitable dog owner. Secondly, if I returned the puppy, I wouldn’t get a refund after a certain amount of time. The rescue also informed me that I may not transfer ownership of the dog and that I have to enroll my new puppy in training before a certain amount of days. In addition, I was told I have to complete all the shots on time, keep up with other medications the dog may need, and get the puppy spayed anywhere from 5 to 7 months of age. Lastly, I had to agree to get the puppy microchipped. There are a few more guidelines to adopting the puppy but these were the main agreements. After thoroughly going through the agreement, I signed and handed over the adoption fee. “Vega” now “Maggie” was officially mine!

In celebration of adopting Maggie, the rescue took a picture before we headed back to Long Beach. The puppy party and everyone there were so amazing that I almost didn’t want to leave, but it was time to introduce Maggie to her new home. It took us 2 and a half hours to get back home. My friend held her on her lap to helped prevent her from crying on the ride home instead of being kenneled.

We got to my place in Long Beach and took her out immediately to her “potty spot” to get an idea of where she should do her business. When you bring home a new puppy, it’s very important to establish your routine right away. No matter what you do, just remember the first couple months are going to be a rough ones. The puppy is going to cry, there are going to be accidents, the puppy is going to chew on everything and test your limits. We are going through that stage right right now, but I am so thankful I adopted her! Maggie has been such a blessing! Cash and I are so happy to introduce all of you guys to her. I hope you all enjoy my story of how I adopted Maggie!

xoxo Terra Newell

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