Trip to San Fransisco to Visit my Best Friend

My best friend, Brooke, moved to San Francisco about a year ago. I have seen her many times since she has moved there, but she has always come down to visit me in Orange County. Although I was hesitant to go back to San Francisco after my last trip, I figured it was time I finally go see my best friend in the city. If you want to better understand my skepticism prior to making a second trip to SF, check out my previous post.

I have known Brooke since middle school. However, we actually became best friends in high school. During our junior year of high school, Brooke and I bonded and empathized with each other’s experiences of “friends” treating us poorly. Even though Brooke no longer lives in SoCal, she is still one of my closest friends to this date! We have a friendship where we can immediately pick back up where we left off no matter how often we speak to each other.

For my SF trip, I decided to book a flight with Jet Blue out of Long Beach, California. Long Beach Airport is one of my favorite Airports to fly out of! Long Beach airport is smaller, more convenient, and less chaotic compared to some of the neighboring airports. Upon arrival at the airport, I was able to check my baggage for free, quickly go through security, and get the girls weekend started with a mimosa!

Similar to check in and arrival, the flight was a breeze! It was only about an hour flight from Long Beach to SF and I was able to grab my baggage quickly once I arrived. Brooke was so sweet and took an early day for work in order to pick me up from the airport.

Brooke and I were ecstatic to see each other and take on SF together! We first decided to drop off my luggage and get the grand tour. Brooke’s place was so cute! Like many of the homes in SF, Brooke’s place was Victorian style. She lives in a pocket of the city called Pacific Heights, which is very close to the Presidio and overlooks the Marina. Following the tour, Brooke and I decided to catch up over some Italian food.

Brooke took me to one of her favorite spots called Pizzeria Delfina. There was a bit of a wait, which was expected since it was a Friday night. We made the most of our time by walking down Fillmore St to check out the other restaurants and boutiques. After a little window shopping, we arrived at the restaurant to be seated. Since it was my first time visiting Brooke, we decided to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate my arrival. Brooke had the funghi pizza and I ordered pasta with marina and meatballs. We also shared the saffron arancini as an appetizer. The food was delicious and I would definitely go back!

After we finished our meals, we went to visit an old friend from high school who also lives in SF. Brooke and I haven’t seen her in years so we spent a lot of time catching up! Since it was a Friday night, we wanted to go out before the bars closed to take a peak at the nightlife. We ended up at a place called The Look Out, which is a gay bar located in the Castro District. We ordered margaritas with mini Korbel Champagne bottles to celebrate us all reuniting. We stayed until last call making plans for the upcoming weekend festivities. I had a great time catching up with both of them over some yummy drinks!

While I was in the Bay Area, I wanted to visit my favorite clothing store called Oohlaluxe. Oohlaluxe has 4 stores in Northern California. The closest store to SF was the one located in Petaluma. It was about a 40 minute drive from the city to get to Petaluma. My best friend’s mom lives in Sonoma, so she met us with her friend to shop. It was amazing to finally see one of my favorite stores in person! The store was so charming along with the whole vibe of the town.

We all purchased way too many clothes, but it was well worth it! I was able to find so many great items and some of the clothing items that I bought were not online. Brooke’s mom just so happened to bring her friend that is the aunt of one the owners of Oohlaluxe. We were able to get a little bit of a discount, which was a bonus to the shopping experience! Check out the Oohlaluxe online store for all of their cute items. I have a code for first time shoppers to get a discount on their order! ~ Code DIRTYJOHN20 at checkout! They also ship World Wide!

After we wrapped up our shopping spree, we found a local restaurant called Café Zazzle to eat at that was recommended by one of the Oohlaluxe employees. Café Zazzle serves salads, wraps, soups, and much more! I recommend you check out their food if you are ever in the area. After a yummy lunch, we decided it was time to head back to the city.

The route back to the city was beautiful! The scenery was so lush/green with lots of hills as well as views of the ocean. When we got back to Brooke’s apartment, we were exhausted from our little trip to Petaluma, so we took a cat nap before getting ready for dinner to go out on the town in the Marina.

Waking up from our cat naps, we quickly got ready to get some good food. I really love hamburgers, so Brooke thought it would be a great idea for us to meet her friend, Courtney, at one of her favorite burger spots. The burger joint was called Roam Artisan Burgers. Customers are free to build their own burger or choose from the signature list. The burgers at Roam were so tasty and I left very satisfied!

Next stop was the Marina! We arrived at a Country Bar called Jaxons. On the weekends this place gets pretty busy and a little rowdy! Drinks were constantly getting spilled and people continually bumped into each other. It was quite an experience and I did not prefer that crowd that night. For this reason, we decided to head over to the next bar.

The next place was a bar that played a majority of hip-hop. Although the crowd and atmosphere was more enjoyable, we decided to seek out a lounge. I tend to gravitate toward lounges when going out since that type of environment generally allows me to have my space. I usually get bumped into at bars or other public places, which brings me back to the feeling of when I was getting hit during my attack.
Having that trigger makes me more inclined to find places where I can sit without getting touched. After finding a lounge, we grabbed some cocktails, reminisced about the good ol’ days, and decided to go home to get some rest for the following day.

For our last full day, we decided to enjoy the sunshine at Mission Dolores Park. My other high school friend, Jordan, met us at Brookes place to go to the park. We pack a blanket along with wine and snacks for the park. Since we were waiting on some other friends to join, we decided to grab lunch. We found this really cute taco shop called “Tacolicious”. The tacos were to my satisfaction along with the home made guacamole. By the time we finished our delicious tacos, it was time to meet our friend Crista at the park.

All of us found each other at the park fairly quickly and then found a spot to settle on the grass. It had been raining the previous day so they weren’t many dry spots, I recommend if you visit Dolores park to bring a blanket that’s water proof. Some of Brooke’s friends also decided to join us, so we had a little party at the park with our wine and snacks. While having such a great time at the park, we lost track of the time and realized we were running late to our time slot at the Ice Cream Museum.

Brookes friends that joined us at the park had never been to the Ice Cream Museum before, so we invited them to join. They bought their tickets online and we ordered our Uber XL to get to the Ice Cream Museum in a timely fashion. Even though we were a little bit late, we were still able to get into the museum smoothly.

The Ice Cream Museum was so cool! The very first stop was the sprinkle pool where all us girls hopped in for some sprinkle fights and cute boomerangs. The other parts of the museum were incredibly unique as well! Some of the rooms handed out ice cream and other treats. At the end of the exhibit, there were ping pong tables, swings and a gift shop to buy goodies. The Ice Cream Museum was one of my favorite highlights on this trip! If you love pink, girly things, and sweets, you need to visit!

The Museum of Ice Cream tired us out and made us hungry! We went for a quick bite and then I said my goodbyes to everyone except for Brooke. Brooke and I went back to her place to watch some movies as well as have a little TLC (aka facemasks). It wasn’t long before I passed out and woke up to the next day to catch my plane flight back home. That morning I woke up feeling a little under the weather, so I rested before my flight.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave and I was so sad to go! This trip was way better that my last visit to San Francisco! I will have to go back and visit my best friend again. I think our next NorCal adventure will take place at the Napa wineries. If you visit San Francisco, I hope I helped you find a few places to visit. Until next time!

XOXO Terra Newell

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