Eating Out at Catch LA

Catch is one of LA’s hot spots that I’ve been dying to try out! I’ve seen so many people post videos of the infamous chocolate dessert where you crack the chocolate shell on top. Anyone that knows me knows I live for chocolate desserts! The restaurant is also known for mouth watering sushi, good sea food and an ambiance that is great for Instagram photos. It’s a great place to eat out on a Friday night or for Sunday brunch. Catch is always popping!

Catch and most restaurants in LA require reservations, so I needed to make a reservation and figure out who would be joining me for dinner. I was able to conveniently make a reservation online through the Open Table app. Being a first time user on this app, I also called the restaurant to double check the reservation. The restaurant confirmed and I was all set for the following Wednesday.

The following Wednesday rolled around and it was time to head to Hollywood from Long Beach. Without traffic it takes about 35 minutes to get to Hollywood, but with traffic it takes nearly over an hour. My Uber arrived and drove me to Hollywood. When I arrived at Catch, the restaurant valet greeted me generously. When I walked into the restaurant and checked in at the front, the hostess told me to head up to the roof top and that I would check in once again upstairs. I stepped out of the elevator and saw an abundance of greenery, flowers hanging from the trees, and light strands brightening up the entrance. The set up honestly felt like came straight out of a fairy tale!

My friend, Kat, arrived at Catch and met me at the top floor. We took some photos in the remarkable entry way before it was time to check in. When it was time for our reservation, the hostess sat us down at an outside table. We had a beautiful view overlooking the city. Kat and I chatted for a bit and then ordered a drink. I got a Cosmopolitan martini and Kat got a glass of wine. Cosmos are one of my favorite drinks and Catch did a great job at making mine that night!

One of Kat’s friends ended up joining us for dinner at Catch after we ordered our drinks. One of my friends told me that the baked crab rolls were great at Catch, so we had 2 orders of that and an order of California rolls. The crab rolls were absolutely delicious! I’m normally a very picky eater and don’t like a lot of sushi rolls, but they were great! I was very pleased and so was everyone else. For our entrée, we each decided to order the Mahi Mahi. There was a couple of different flavors and options that you could choose from. I got the non-spicy one and my friend’s got the sauces that were more on the spicy side. The Mahi Mahi was cooked to perfection and the sauce was tasty!

When the waiter came and asked us if we wanted dessert, the answer was “HECK YES!”. We were all so excited for the dessert where you get to crack the chocolate shell. The desert came to the table and my friend cracked the chocolate shell while I filmed her. All three of us dug in and polished off the cake. In the cake was chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, a hard chocolate shell, and espresso. It definitely made my top 5 favorite desserts list! We got the check and then headed to the balcony area before we ordered our Ubers. It was such a great girls night and much needed! I’m looking forward to going back and checking out Catch again. If your in Hollywood, you should definitely check out Catch!

XOXO Terra Newell

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