Preparing for Stagecoach Festival

I look forward Stagecoach festival all year long! It’s a Southern California country music festival that is held in the Indio. I started going in 2011 and this will be my fourth year attending. For the past 2 years my best friend, Brooke, and I have gone to the festival together. We have decided to try to go every year from now on to have a girls trip. Since this isn’t my first rodeo with Stagecoach, I have learned what to do to be extra prepared, look fabulous, and have a fun time at Stagecoach.

First thing you should do to prepare for Stagecoach is get your ticket and book the place where you are staying. If you want a VIP ticket, I recommend you buy the early bird tickets. I usually buy my ticket ahead of time. This year Brooke and I got one of the travel packages for Stagecoach. The travel packages were on sale before the tickets were open to the public, so that contributed to one of the benefits of getting a package. In the package there are a few hotels you could choose from for a 3 night stay, your choice of 2 or 4 tickets to the festival (VIP or GA), and shuttle passes per person. Since hotel rates go up during festival times, the price evened out to how much I spent at the Days Inn Indio the previous year. The hotel options to choose from in the package were much nicer than the Days Inn Indio, so I thought it was a great deal!

Stagecoach Tickets

Hotel Packages With Tickets

If you don’t like any of the hotels that are part of the packages you can always book on Expedia or Air BNB. On Expedia, you can always search for the local hotels. For Air BNB, you can check out the local homes/ apartments to rent out. I personally would try to stay in Indio to be closer to the venue. However, the hotel we are staying at is in Palm Desert and is where one of the shuttle picks us up.

After you have your passes and picked out the place where you are staying, it’s time to choose what you’re going to wear to the festival. My friend and I began searching for the perfect outfit right after we buy our tickets. Brooke and I will often send each other outfit after outfit. We are huge online shoppers and have a couple top favorite sites to shop from like Revolve, Ooohlaluxe, Princess Polly, Amazon, and Luna B. This year we wanted to dress up a little bit more with skirts or dresses for two of the days and then jean shorts for one day. We would send each other several photos of things that we liked. Since we continuously looked online for clothing items, other ads for sites would pop up on our Instagram newsfeed. Finally, we narrowed down some our outfit choices and this is what I have chosen.

Amazon link for white cowboy boots

Revolve link for skirt

Revolve link for bodysuit

Revolve link for bodysuit

Revolve link for skirt

Amazon link for boots

Amazon link for hat

Luna B link for jean shorts

Amazon link for boots

The bandana top is no longer available. I got it from Luna B, but also saw it on Oohlaluxe. Sometimes if you follow and DM them, they will restock it.

Lost and Wander link to set

Now that the outfits are put together and I have two options for the last day, it’s now time to figure out what purses or backpacks to bring. One of my friends has a purse company that shows 10 different ways to wear the purse. I expressed my interest in getting some purses and she gave me a code to get 40% off.

Link to 10 in 1 bag

Use code TERRA for 40% off your purchase.

Link to website the fanny pack and pink handbag are from

Use code DIRTYJOHN20 for 20% off your order

Amazon link to backpack

Once you have your bags picked out it’s time to figure out what to bring with you. I try to pack as less as possible, but there’s some things that I feel are essential to bring with you.

  1. Cell phone- I can never be without my cell phone. I need it for great pictures and to communicate with everyone.
  2. Cell phone battery pack- You will likely use your cell phone for one whole battery cycle at the festival. For this reason, it is important that you have a back up supply.
Amazon store link in Festival Finds for portable charger

Amazon Shop link for portable charger in Festival Finds

3. ID- Whether you are drinking or if you use your credit card, you never want to forget your ID. It’s always good to have your identification on you.

4. Sunscreen- This one is very important for your skin and health. The sun can be SO damaging to your skin! Make sure to protect your skin!

The above suggestions are my four main essentials for any festival event. Other than these things, I completed a few other tasks to prepare and pamper myself (e.g., spray tan, nails done, eyebrow tint, and wax) If you are going to Stagecoach this year, I hope you find my tips helpful and have an awesome time there!


Terra Newell

Link to my favorite sunscreen

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