Hiking in Red Rocks

I often find myself getting away to my mom’s place in Henderson, Nevada. Whenever I visit my mom, I try to get away to Red Rocks that has one of my favorite hiking spots. Four years back, when I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada full time with my past boyfriend, I found my favorite hiking trail, Calico Basin. I really enjoyed hiking and needed a place where I could take Cash and my other two dogs at the time, Frodo and Chanel, to get exercise. The drive to Calico Basin was about a 25 minute drive, so it was always convenient to visit. This was my favorite place because it always made me feel at peace. This is where I would go when I was feeling down or just needed a break. It has been four years since I called Las Vegas my home. However, since my mom lives there now, it’s always a great option to visit.

On this past Saint Paddy’s day, I decided to head out to Calico Basin because I was in town visiting my mom. One of my friends from Las Vegas decided to meet up with me and go hiking with our dogs in Red Rocks. Spring time in Las Vegas actually can have amazing weather! Fortunately, we were able to meet there at noon and not get scolded by the summer heat. Sometimes the parking lot can be crowded, so we thought it would be best to take one car.

To get to Calico Basin, you go down Charleston Street towards the mountains. The entrance to the road to turn down is called Calico Basin. If you hit the Red Rock State Park that means you went too far. You head down the road for a couple of miles and then you should hit the parking lot for the trail. At the beginning of the trail, you can see picnic tables, plenty of BBQ’s, and trash cans to dispose of your waste. It’s always fun to have a little BBQ before or after your hike! Before beginning our hike, we let the dogs do their business since there were no trash cans on the trail.

Since we went on Saint Paddy’s Day and it was a weekend, there were people everywhere! I have never seen so many people at Calico Basin! For this reason, I was unable to take Cash off the leash for the first quarter of the hike. Technically you aren’t supposed to take your dogs off leash, but Cash is very well trained and listens.

The weather was SO perfect! The temperature was in the low 70’s Fahrenheit, which is rare for Las Vegas. We came to an area that wasn’t as crowded and let the dogs off leash. They ran around and we continued to head upward scrambling on the rocks. My friend has French Bulldogs, so it was important to take a minute to ensure they weren’t over worked. We found a shady spot and relaxed for a half an hour. She gave all the dogs frozen carrots along with water to help cool them down. The dogs were ready to get back to hiking after resting. We went on further for about 10 minutes and then turned around to head back.

On the way back down, we went down a little bit of a different path. We came a few days after a lot of rainfall, so the creek was surrounded by greenery. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! We found our way back to the car and let the car cool down for a minute. After getting in a good hike with the pups we were famished, so we decided it would be a good idea to get a bite to eat before we headed back to our homes.

We arrived at a place called, Lazy Dog, which allows owners to bring dogs and dine with them outside. Lazy Dog will bring your dogs water right away and they have a menu set for dogs. There was a little bit of a wait, but we got to walk around the outdoor mall that Lazy Dog was located at. We walked into a crystal shop and bought each other some crystals. It was a cute shop called Silver Post. Silver Post will even sage crystals for free for customers, which is simply amazing! While we were at the crystal shop, I got a text from Lazy dog saying our table was ready. We sat at our table and got settled with the dogs.



Our waiter came to the table and brought the dogs water. It made me so happy to come to a place that catered to the dogs right away. I could tell they cared about the pups! I ordered a delicious lemon drop martini and split the fish and chips with my friend. Satisfied from our meal, we decided it was time to head out. She took me back to my car and I headed back to my mom’s house in Henderson. I was so grateful for such a great day at Red Rocks. I recommend that if you love hiking, you definitely need to give Calico Basin a visit! https://www.redrockcanyonlv.org/calico-basin-hike/

Xoxo Terra Newell

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