Stagecoach festival 2019

Stagecoach Festival 2019 was unbelievably amazing! This was my 4th year attending the festival. Each year the festival keeps getting better and this year was the BEST by far! For those who may have never heard of Stagecoach Festival, it’s a Country music festival held in Indio, California. I also wrote a previous blog post “Preparing For The Festival“; about picking out the perfect outfit, along with some other festival friendly items . I can’t wait to fill you in on my trip to Stagecoach this year and why no other year will compare!

For Stagecoach 2019, I booked everything in August of 2018. Stagecoach is at the end of April, so I allowed myself lots of time for planning this year. I felt the need to book everything early so that I wouldn’t stress about it, like I have done previous years. When I purchased the tickets, I signed up for the travel package. The package included hotel accommodations for 3 days, shuttle passes, and VIP pit tickets. The package came with two VIP tickets, so I decided to go with my best friend, Brooke. Since traffic gives me anxiety, I wanted to allow an extra day to prepare as well as relax before and after the festival.

Stagecoach this year was April 26th through the 28th. Brooke flew into Long Beach from San Fransisco. When Brooke landed, we decided to drive out to Indio from the airport. My spray tan girl lives in Chino Hills, which is on the way to Palm Springs, so we decided to make a pit stop. She customized both of our spray tans to our natural skin tones and left us looking like bronzed goddesses!

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The hotel that I choose to stay at was the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. Our room was nice, but a little out dated! We did have a beautiful view from the room that overlooked the greenery and ponds. We definitely took advantage of this view by relaxing out on the patio throughout the weekend. Both of us were very pleased to be on a vacation! We were able to put work on the back burner for a bit and enjoy the festival. On our first night in, we decided to unwind and have a much needed girls night!

The following day Brooke and I woke up refreshed for the first day of the festival. Before attending the festival, we also had a pre- party for Jessie James Deckers new collaboration with Just Fab. My hair stylist arrived early to help me prep for the pre-party. That day I was going for a modern day “Dolly Parton” look. After my hair stylist finished his hair magic, I threw on my outfit along with some soft dewy makeup to head over to the pre- party. The event was held at the Avalon Hotel. Many social media influencers and contestants from The Bachelor present at the pre-party as well.


As we arrived at The Avalon Hotel, there were a few users to guide us toward the event. We quickly found my publicist and started mingling with people at the event. The decor inside the event was very “Chic County Western”. I thought it was very well decorated! At the event there was a cute bar with some signature drinks, sitting areas, a backdrop for photos, and an area where you could grab some swag. I was able to snag a few goodies that came in handy for my following trip to New Zealand and Australia. Brooke and I had a blast Jessie James Decker’s pre-party and found it really nice connecting with other influencers. The event came to an end and it was time to head back to the hotel to prepare for the festival.

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By the time we got back to the hotel it was around 3 PM. We ended up having a little bit of extra time since one of the artist we wanted to see came on at 5 PM. We freshened up and took the shuttle over to the festival grounds. On the shuttle people were excited for the festival, as they were shouting and being a little rowdy. It was okay for me with my PTSD because I was very excited and well aware of what to expect at the festival. Especially for those who struggle with PTSD, I would recommend using Uber to alleviate the stress of driving to the festival.

The pathway to walk into the festival is a little bit of a walk, so be prepared for that if you decide to go and stay offsite. We did end up hopping on the bicycle carts that will take you about halfway down the pathway. The carts can’t take you directly to the gates and normally cost about $10 per person. I wanted to walk as little as possible in the heat, so I found the ride beneficial. We could hear Russell Dickerson play as we walked into the festival. Since it was so hot, Brooke and I found a cool spot to hang out and eat some French fries from one of the food stands. Scotty McCreery came on, so we just sat and listened to his music from the food area in hopes of escaping the heat. Kane Brown then came on after so we found a nice spacious spot in the pit for his performance. Kane Brown’s performance was amazing and definitely did justice for my first time seeing him. After Kane Brown played his set, I went and met up with my niece, who is 17 years old, to ensure she was doing alright and had everything she needed (e.g., food, water, etc).

My niece was having fun at her first Stagecoach and it was so great to see that! After I saw she was doing well, I went back to VIP where it was a little less crowded. Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan were going on, so we tried to find a good spot again. Cole Swindell was great! Brooke and I were very happy to see him perform! Brooke and I have seen him 2 years prior at Stagecoach and he puts on an amazing set! The pit filled up with more and more people as we waited in anticipation for Luke Bryan to take the stage. In order to avoid the rush, Brooke and I left the festival during one of Luke Bryan’s last songs.

On the way out Brooke and I followed some ladies out of a side gate. Brooke and I ended up standing in a line to get on some Safari golf carts.. We just figured it was a way out since neither of us have been in the VIP section at Stagecoach before. The guy checked out wristbands to get on the cart and sent us on our way in the golf cart. The golf cart driver took us to a campsite that said Safari. It didn’t quite look like it would lead to Uber, so I asked the security how to get there. He then asked us how we got on the golf cart in the first place. Apparently the cart took us to The Safari campsite, which is a luxury campsite for Coachella and Stagecoach. Since we weren’t supposed to be over there, the golf cart driver kindly took us to the entrance of the Uber parking lot. The uber lot was a mad house since we took a little detour! I had a bit of a panic attack because I didn’t feel in control of the Uber situation despite my best efforts. Brooke and the Uber information staff grabbed us some waters and helped us figure out a ride. It took about an hour and a half to get the pin for the ride and to wait in the Uber line. Back at the hotel, we quickly got up to our room to rest up for the 2nd day.

We did not have any pre-parties planned for the 2nd day, so we slept in until 11 AM. Brooke and I were so wiped out from the day before, so we needed some extra time to sleep in. To breathe life back into our bodies, we ordered room service. The room service at the hotel had a pretty decent size menus with lots of options for dietary restrictions. I ordered a burger with french fries and Brooke got a ceasar salad. When the food arrived, they had my lettuce missing from the burger, so I just eat it a little drier than I would have preferred. We finished our meals and at that time, my hair stylist had arrived to do my hair. I decided to be a little hipster and wear my fedora hat on the 2nd day. Per usual, my hair stylist nailed it and assembled a hair style that was perfect with my black hat.

After we got all dolled up, we got exciting news from my publicist! We got approved to go to “Neon Carnival” that night. Before this year, I had only heard great things about Neon Carnival. For those who have not heard of Neon Carnival, it is an after party/carnval festival that usually goes on Saturday late night during the first week of Coachella. This year they added it for the weekend of Stagecoach Festival. It’s a very exclusive event and you have to apply to get in. When I heard the news, I was very happy we were able to work out a way to go!

Ecstatic for the day ahead of us, we got onto the shuttle to head to the festival for Day 2. On the way to the festival, I got some other excited news. My publicist texted me saying that she contacted Jason Aldean’s publicist and was able to arrange a spot for a meet and greet with Jason Aldean on the the third day of Stagecoach. Hearing this news made me so emotional! Every time I see Jason Aldean perform, it brings up a lot of feelings . I was trying to get to his concert on the night of my attack. Just hearing that news, I already knew this was going to be the best Stagecoach experience ever!

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We arrived a little bit later on the second day to try and avoid the heat. Cam was on as we arrived into the VIP area. Cam was great, but to be honest I don’t know many of her songs. Luke Combs came on after Cam, we were very excited for him! Brooke and I knew all of his songs by heart. Luke Combs also performed a new song called “Beer never broke my heart”, I loved hearing that song and found it to be relatable. Sam Hunt came on after Luke Combs. In order to prevent another struggle to grab an Uber, Brooke and I left half way through Sam Hunt’s set to get to the Neon Carnival.

Leaving half way through Sam Hunt’s set allowed us to get a car quickly. I was able to get an Uber Black to the Neon Carnival, which was around $200. As we walked into the Neon Carnival, there was a sign surrounded by hay stacks. As you passed through the sign you could see an abundance of carnival games and rides. The drinks and games were all free at the after party festival.We took full advantage of everything they had to offer! It was one of my favorite events I have ever been to! It was so much funthat we thouroughly enjoyed the carnival festivities till 4 am.

Neon Carnival

The next day Brooke and I were sluggish to get up! We immediately ordered room service to try and regain some strength. The food came, but was missing a few items. I think everyone at the hotel had the same idea to order room service and that the staff might have been overwhelmed. Since it was the third day and last day of the festival, we decided it was best to go with a more casual attire. I wore my hair straight to spend less time on my hair, threw on my outfit and boots. We were ready for the last day in no time! We walked down to the shuttle and to the festival we went.

Brooke and I got into the festival for the last day around 5:30PM. We wanted to come a little bit earlier to see Jordan Davis, but unfortunately he cancelled due to an illness. Danielle Bradbury came on in place of Jordan Davis. We didn’t really know any of her songs, so it allowed us more time to get there that day. We heard a few of her songs as we were walking in and she actually had a lovely voice! Lauren Alaina came on after Danielle Bradbury. I love a lot of her songs! I listen to her all the time in the car and while I’m getting ready. I just belt out her songs whenever I want to feel good about myself! She was amazing as always! We had to leave half way through her set in order to go line up for the meet and greet with Jason Aldean.

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We lined up at a tent for the Jason Aldean meet and greet. There was about 20 other people there to meet him as well. The moment finally came! This was a moment I’ve been looking to for some time, so my emotions were flooding. In a sense it felt like I was getting a little bit of closure from not being able to make it to his concert the night of my attack. I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to meet Jason Aldean! The meet and greet was very brief! Jason Aldean was incredibly welcoming, serious, and straight to the point since there were people waiting to meet him. I thanked him for being one of the factors contributing to the survival of my attack. I also mentioned to him that I felt like I had gotten a little bit of closure from this moment. Jason took a picture with me and I got my favorite leather jacket autographed. This was the perfect souvenir to get in memory of such a life-changing moment!

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Jason Aldean

Brooke and I were even more pumped to go back into the festival to hear Old Dominion and Jason Aldean play. Seeing Old Dominion for the first time was absolutely great! We were pretty close to the front for his performance. During the intermission, some of the groups that were in front of us left, so we were able to move in a bit closer to see Jason Aldean play. He put on an amazing performance! His mic would go on and off throughout the beginning, but he kept his composure and didn’t skip a beat. His set came to an end and it was time to head out. They did have Diplo playing afterwards on a different stage with special guest, but we didn’t want to listen to EDM music at the end of a long day. It turned out that Billy Ray Cyrus and a few other special guest performed. A little part of me wishes that we stayed because I love the song, “Old Town Road”, but we were exhausted!

We arrived back at our hotel, in the lobby, they had a place where you could purchase pizza and chicken fingers. Since we were starving, we ordered a quick bite instead of waiting a couple hours for room service. We grabbed some pizzas and headed up to the room. The pizzas were mediocre, but we ate every last bite. At the hotel, I was able to connect to my Netflix account and we watched some movies and settled down for the night.

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Brooke and I didn’t have to leave till Tuesday, so we stayed to have a relaxing pool day on Monday. While we relaxed by the pool , we ordered some pina coladas and nachos to share. After we have spent some time by the pool, we decided to go up to the room do some facials and relax. An episode of “Game of Thrones” came on the night before, so we decided to watch that from the TV. That day was much needed in order to recuperate from the busy weekend. Driving back to Long Beach the day after was a breeze! Stagecoach 2019 was the most amazing trip I have been on! I look forward to seeing what next year will bring!

XOXO Terra Newell

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