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Welcome to Time Out With Terra, a podcast hosted by Terra Newell, the real life hero of the award-winning series “Dirty John.” Terra’s inspiring story of survival, family and perseverance not only inspired a Los Angeles Times podcast and Bravo TV show, but it also has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Terra is excited to continue welcoming her supporters into her world through this podcast, which launched in August 2019. Time Out With Terra serves as a platform for men and women to share their truths in a light-hearted and empowering way, and Terra covers life, love, mental wellness, business, family, and everything else in between! Through fun-filled segments including “Dirty Dates” – where Terra’s guests share hilarious tidbits about dating in Los Angeles and the occasional game of “Screw, Marry, Slay”. Terra loves engaging with her fanbase in a more candid way than ever more. Stay tuned every week to find out what Terra is up to post-“Dirty John,” hear her must-have tips and tricks for detecting red flags, and listen to exclusive interviews with inspirational celebrities, friends, comedians influencers, experts and more!

Episode 1: Meet the New Man Who Captured Debra Newell’s Heart

On the premiere episode of Time Out With Terra, Debra Newell exclusively introduces her new boyfriend – and she’s in love! Plus, an update from Terra on her life today and her exciting upcoming projects. 

Episode 2: Dating and Bachelor Talk with Gabi Conti

This Episode of Time Out With Terra features, Gabi Conti! Gabi is a Comedian, a dating expert, and a writer! She has been on tens of thousands of dates and is sharing some stories today on Time Out With Terra! We dig into Bachelorette and talk about Hannahs season along with some more of our favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes. 
Find Gabi Conti on Instagram @itsgabiconti, Twitter @itsGabiConti, or check her out writing for Cosmo!

Episode 3: Getting Deep With Jason and Ashley Wahler From The Hills

Jason and Ashley Wahler join me on Time Out With Terra! Many of you may know them from being on MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings… Today they have a story to share with us about Jasons recovery and what it was like dealing with that illness as a family. They are amazing people and will answer any questions you may have regarding addiction. 
Jason Whaler’s Website, https://jasonwahler.com
Instagram: @jasonwahler  Twitter: @JasonWahler
Ashley Whaler’s Social Media 
Instagram: @ashleywahler  Twitter: @Ashley_Wahler 

If you’re looking for insight, guidance or treatment itself, please please call (949) 403-7429 or fill out the form and Jason’s team will connect with you as soon as possible. Everything is completely confidential and help is available if you want it, all you have to do is what I did and take that first step. (Also on Jasons site, you can fill out a form for help on there also!)

Episode 4: Dating Talk and Discussing Ali Levine’s 42 Hour Labor

Ali Levine comes on Time Out with Terra to talk about becoming a momma, the 42 hour labor she endured, and what frogs she had to kiss to find her husband. She is a great celebrity stylist, new mother, TV personality on Bravo’s TV show “Stripped”, and has her own podcast (Striptd Down With Ali Levine)!

Ali’s Social Media and Podcast 
Ali’s Website: https://alilevine.com
Ali’s Instagram: @alilevinedesign
Ali’s Twitter: @AliLevineDesign
Ali’s Podcast: Striptd Down With Ali Levine 

Episode 5: Bonus Episode: Boundaries, Blocking, Sydney, and Auckland with Danica Cooper

My good friend comes on Time Out With Terra in this bonus episode! We discuss when it is appropriate to block someone and deny a date. We talk about some of the things guys should do when trying to pursue a girl… Also about our recent trip to Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. She is one of my best friends so this isn’t a typical “Time Out With Terra” interview. 

Episode 6: Bad Sushi, Bad Men, and Good Writing with Abby Stern

Abby Stern joins Time Out With Terra! Abby is an author, an actress, and a good friend. On this episode we discus a bad sushi date, red flags with men, and Abby’s book, According to a Source. I also mention a little bit about my past relationships on this episode of Time Out With Terra. 

Abby Stern’s Social Media 
Instagram: @abbystern
Twitter: @abbystern
Abby’s book: According to a Source

Episode 7: Sometimes you have to rent a little person with Kari Martin

My friend, Kari Martin joins me on Time Out With Terra Podcast. Kari Martin is a Comedian and is a Host of two podcast, White Wine True Crime and Pretty Scary. This episode we talk about celebrating my 28th Birthday at Malibu Wine Safaris, Kari renting a little person, and what red flags we let slide in our dating past. 

Kari Martin’s Social Media and Podcast 
Kari’s Instagram: @karimartin22
Kari’s Twitter: @karimartin722
Podcast: White Wine True Crime and Pretty Scary

Episode 8: Stalking And Extra Prepared Dates With Lenora Claire

Lenora Claire joins me on Time Out With Terra. Lenora Claire and I made friends through Crimecon and being advocates for victims. In this podcast of Time Out With Terra, Lenora gives advice on what to do if you have a stalker. We also talk about some of the weird dates she’s been on. 

Lenora Claire’s Social Media 
Website: LenoraClaire.com
Instagram: @LenoraClaire
Twitter: @lenoraclaire

Episode 9: Domestic Abuse Awareness Month Solo Episode

This episode of Time Out With Terra is a solo episode. It’s the first episode of Time Out With Terra where I don’t have a guest! I talk about how October is Domestic Abuse awareness month and I answer some questions from some of my followers. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 

My Instagram: @Terranewell
Podcast Instagram: @timeoutwithterra

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Episode 10: You Don’t Want That Gumball Man with Melissa Leger

Melissa Leger joins me on Time Out With Terra to talk about Gumball Love! She also has a podcast called, Gumball Love and we discuss what that means on this episode. Melissa is a dating coach and relationship expert that gives us a lot out great insight on these guys. Tune in to hear what Gumball Love means!

Melissa Leger’s Social Media
Website: http://melissaleger.com
Instagram: @themelissaleger

Episode 11: Rose By The Beach With Heather Marianna

Heather Mariana joins Time Out Terra Today! Heather is a boss bitch that has her own organic beauty business called, Beauty Kitchen Junkie. Heather also has been on a Bravo show called, Tour Group. She shares some “dirty dates” and I also give some insider information about some information on the series, Dirty John.

Heather’s Social Media 
Heather’s IG: @heathermarianna
Heather’s Twitter: @heathermariana
Heather’s Youtube: Heather Mariana
Beauty Kitchen’s Instagram: @beautykitchenjunkie
Beauty Kitchen’s Website: BeautyKitchen.net
Use Code: oneyearcheers for 35% off Beauty Kitchen products! This one works! 

Heather’s Narc Doctor IG: @narcissist.sociopath.awarenes2

Episode 12: Advice On How To Spot Red Flags With Dr. Judy Ho

Dr. Judy Ho joins Time Out With Terra to give advice on how to spot red flags, have a healthy relationship, and on a therapy that can help with your PTSD. She also shares a really funny date! Dr. Judy Ho has a book out called, Stop Self Sabotage and is a host on The Doctors. Tune in to see all the advice Judy has to give in this episode!

Dr. Judy Ho’s Social Media 
Website: www.judyho.com
Instagram: DrJudyHo
Twitter: DrJudyHo
Book: Stop Self Sabotage 

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