EMDR Therapy Video Vlog Part 1

This week I re-entered Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. I talked about switching up my therapy in a previous blog post called, Switching Up My Therapy. I talked about the need to go back to EMDR since being re-triggered. I thought that I had addressed and resolved my triggers. I decided to vlog about going back into EMDR therapy in order for other people to see the experience from my perspective. I hope this inspires you to seek out help and possibly try EMDR therapy if you are having similar struggles.

I’ve had one intake session and now I am jumping back into the tappers with my new therapist. I am extremely nervous going into the session, but I am excited for the end results. It helped SO much last time! I hope it heals my trauma fully! Below I dive a little bit more into discussing my session and my thoughts about going back into EMDR therapy.

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