EMDR Therapy VLOG Part 4

The day I went into my fourth therapy session with my new therapist, I was not in the mood for EMDR therapy. I had a couple of podcasts that I needed to check off my to do list. Thus, my mind was preoccupied with those tasks. Podcasts can be triggering and make me feel on edge with little things especially since I often go into my past trauma. My therapist was able to pick up on my stress and suggest that EMDR therapy may not be appropriate for the session. For these reasons, my fourth session only consisted of talk therapy. If an individual over exerts themselves while analyzing their trauma, it can leave them feeling extremely on edge. This is why it is SO important to listen to your body and notice how you are feeling in the present moment. In this moment, EMDR wasn’t what I needed.

During the session, I mainly highlighted how my week was going with my therapist, which included boundary issues with my peers and processing the incident of being grabbed by another guy at a bar. My therapist gave me a lot of tips on how to create healthy boundaries and follow through with these expectations. As for the incident where I was grabbed by the waist at a bar, I explained to my therapist that the incident wasn’t nearly as triggering. I really believe that I became less reactive to this incident due to my incorporation of meditation into my daily routine. In fact, daily meditation has helped with my overall stress levels as well as ability to sleep soundly. This was mostly the content of my session since I chose not to engage in EMDR therapy. Until next time guys!

XOXO Terra Newell

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